This blog aims to cover topics of interest to me, mostly related to the nature of science and a scientific world-view. In particular I defend scientism, secularism and atheism. I can be contacted at coelsblog |{at}| gmail (dot) com.

In my day job I’m a Professor of Astrophysics at Keele University in the UK. Views and opinions expressed here are of course mine alone. In addition to teaching physics, astrophysics, and maths I search for exoplanets, planets orbiting stars nearby in our galaxy. I currently run the WASP-South transit search, finding planets by looking for small dips in the light of stars caused when a planet transits in front of the star.

Earlier in my earlier research career I studied binary stars that were exchanging material, leading up to my book about Cataclysmic Variable Stars.

Hope you enjoy my blog,
        Coel Hellier.